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Shinobu Price is a California-based photographer, writer and editor afflicted with a serious case of wanderlust. Raised between Oklahoma, Tahiti, Tokyo, Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles, Shinobu graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA with a degree in World Arts and Cultures and a specialization in Asian art, folklore and theater, something which never ceases to not come in handy in her everyday life.

As an already seasoned backpacker and world traveler, Shinobu was coerced by a friend into hiking the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in 2002. Spanning 2100 miles and completed in 5 months, she was seduced by the experience and quickly undertook other long-distance trails. In 2003, she hiked from Mexico to Canada completing the 2600 mile Pacific Crest Trail, followed by a thru-hike of the 2550 mile Continental Divide Trail from Canada to Mexico in 2005. Other hikes include the 500 mile Colorado Trail and Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain, as well as a 400 mile traverse across Iceland. She has also backpacked extensively throughout New Zealand, Asia and Europe, including Tibet, Bhutan and the UK and has a well-honed 18-days-without-a-shower record. 

Guided by her father, a Japanese art historian and collector, long-time photographer, and architectural engineer, Shinobu was exposed to fine art from an early age. Her father's mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright would often say, "Do you spell God with a capital G? Well I spell Nature with a capital N", an idea which has rooted itself within Shinobu's artistic interpretations of the natural world. Influenced by the compositions of Edo period Japanese paintings and the solitude of uninhabited worlds, she is drawn in her photography to light and simple forms that convey the raw essence of a natural subject. As a zen rock garden is symbolic of islands in the sea or ikebana flower arrangements convey a wild forest teaming with life, Shinobu Price imagines her photographs to be symbolic of the journey behind them and strives to immerse them in Nature with a capital N.

She rebels against an "I stepped out of my car and took this nature photograph" ideology. Her photos are deeply personal, imbued with sweat and toil and the secret knowledge that it might have taken thousands of miles on foot to capture a particular image. Although her camera gear makes up a third of her pack's base weight (lessoned only minimally by her recent transition to digital photography) Shinobu is humbled from being at the sheer mercy of nature, and loves carrying everything she needs to survive on her back. She thinks toenails are vastly overrated and often assumes that talking to your trail mix is a valid form of social interaction. When she's not hiking she misses being able to eat 6000 calories a day and catching a sampling of the day's foliage in her hair. She lives in Northern California with her husband and her two feral children.